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Loz is a symbol of the quality of the Nano block line, as well as a symbol of creativity with the moving puzzle.
Even if you are full of Lego builders, Loz gives you a great different experience of creativity, quality and the cheapest shock.

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An overview of Loz Block

Speaking of Loz, one has to say one word: Creation. Loz is a special company that produces and designs toys that are not alike or related to each other.
The two main Loz product lines are the Nano block and Lego-compatible motion puzzles with Loz’s own engine and engine.
We, My Loz Block introduce and retail Loz’s newest Lego-compatible jigsaw models at the cheapest prices to consumers.
MyLozblock also distributes, wholesales and wholesales to dealers who need an abundant source of safe, stable and well-priced toys.

Loz Block’s products

Nano block jigsaw puzzles, from small character models to large and huge models such as the Titanic super ship, super aircraft carrier, medieval castle complex. Loz has become a monument of the Nano block, causing other brands to pursue and study.
The motion puzzle line with battery motor is divided into 2 forms, one is the walking robot, the other is the motion game model like a roller coaster, enough to spin. The motor in these units is a 2-cell AA battery specially designed by Loz, with a switch that allows two different directions of rotation. The movement details are custom designed by Loz, unlike Lego Technic blocks. The rest of the moving puzzle is compatible with Lego. This way you can easily expand the puzzle with a Loz or another Lego compatible puzzle. This line of motion puzzles is not in contact with any other toy maker.

Features of the Loz assembly toy box

The outer box of the Loz jigsaw assembly is made of cardboard, has very nice color printing, is coated with glossy nylon, printed on the above information:

  • Brand name and Logo of company
  • number of pieces (number of blocks)
  • code of the product
  • photos of the product model after being assembled in many angles
  • logo of CE, CCC quality standards. ASTM; Danger warning icon for children under 3 years old
  • barcode of the product.
  • English words introducing product information, warning words of danger for children under 3 years old in many languages.

How to play with a Loz Diamond Block

The assembled puzzles have a carton tray that protects the assembled bags as well as keeps the box beautiful.
Large assembled blocks (such as base plate, boat frame, mast …) are placed directly inside the product carton box.
Small assembled blocks are packed in a nylon bag

Features of Loz Diamond blocks

Loz assembly blocks made of pure ABS plastic are safe for children, free of harmful substances, durable under physical effects (cars running through the stars), durable over time and temperature ( hot water washing okay) similar to Lego. Genuine Nano block.
The puzzle pieces, puzzle blocks are of the same size, thickness of plastic, are completely mixed and compatible with Lego, Nano block with shiny surface, no excess plastic, no sharp edges.

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